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The All Ball Band consists of seven major sports balls that play and sing their way into the hearts of kids from one to ninety-two. Patches, Pig, Slam, Strike, Love, Dr. Tee and Baby also serve as goodwill ambassadors for kids all over the world.

The Elder Balls are a group of major sports balls who were involved in history making sports events on earth. Once they’ve been placed in the hall of fame, their spirits rise back up into All Ball World where they take their high position as rulers and teachers of millions of young balls preparing for earth.

Let’s take a closer look at All Ball World. On a daily basis all the different kinds of balls come together to attend Council meetings held in the Hall Of Balls. In a somewhat segregated atmosphere – baseballs hang out together, as do basketballs, golf balls, etc., and very seldom do they intermingle — to receive their daily earthly assignments except for the All Ball Band.

The ultimate goal of All Ball World is to affect lives on Earth in a positive way. As the The Elders study earthly camaraderie between balls and players, each action is transmitted to Ball World on large screen monitors and viewed by the entire population of All Ball World.

There it is decided what positive steps should be taken and who will be assigned to that championship game, to that high school tournament, to that sandbox, to that playpen. Let’s face it, without the ball there are no games.
Now, you will see life from the ball’s point of view. The balls have seen and heard it all.








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About the Creators


James E. White Jr. is from Detroit, Michigan. He was greatly influenced by the music and tradition of the Motown
sound, he now produces TV, film and record projects in Los Angeles, California.

Walter Conley was born in New London, Connecticut. In addition to children’s books, Walter has written short stories and comic books. He now lives in California.


E.J.Su was born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. He is a self-taught illustrator with a industrial design background. He is currently living in Los Angeles, California.