All Ball Band

The main characters in ALL-BALL WORLD are members of the ALL-BALL BAND, each represented as a ball from a major sport: “Babe” is the sax-wailing baseball, “Patches” the soccer ball is the lead singer, “Strike” is the bowling ball guitarist, “Pig” (as in pigskin, of course) is the football drummer, “Dr. Tee” is the golf ball on keyboards, the trumpet-playing basketball is “Slam,” and “Love” (the sole female in the band) is a bass-playing tennis ball. Each character is endowed with their own unique personality, fueled by their diverse tastes in music — from pop to jazz, from rap to rock — interacting in situations that are relatable and accessible to viewers of all ages, and delightfully driving each storyline to its goal.


In a fortuitous musical coup, the legendary Four Tops provide the band’s vocals, led by original Four Tops member Duke Fakir, who is a partner in the project with producer Jim White. And, since the ALL-BALL BAND explores every musical genre, other giants in music will join to give authentic voice to the characters, expanding the audience and the brand. But the band has common ground in classic R&B, a relatable genre to all generations; their theme is, appropriately, the Temptations’ “Ball of Confusion,” with a revamped lyric to reflect the current culture and inspire the audience with a positive and productive perspective.