Turbo in Japan – The Lost Tapes

My name is Michael “Boogaloo Shrimp” Chambers also known as “Turbo”. I’ve had an amazing career as a dancer and actor .I have starred in major videos and television shows. I’ve also acted in films, one where I turned a broom into a superstar in the movie “Breakin” and I walked on a ceiling in “Electric Boogaloo”. I have traveled the world from Paris to Israel and back again,but while recently looking deep into my achieves I have just discovered lost footage from my unforgettable trip to Japan.
It’s a raw and revealing look at the creative effect I had on Japan and the life changing effect it had on me.So sit back and join me on a personal backstage pass as I travel to one of the most unique countries on earth and I share my then groundbreaking street dance moves with the people of Japan. Now let’s Dance.